Gates open for early bird campers from 2.00 pm. Please do not come before this, as we need to get things ready (including marking out roadways through camping areas) before you arrive. Please note- there is a $10 extra charge for Thursday.


Meet your friends, settle in, sessions (Nothing happens!!) 



9.30:      Fiddle        Rec Hut     Jeff Wilmot One Waltz,one slow tune and a chat on rosin,bow and bridge

9.30:      Beginner Jam     B.B.Q.     Maggie Duncan and Norm Adams   Any Instrument

9.30       Bass Workshop   Big Hall     David Graham on all aspects of bass

9.30        Just for Fun     Kitchen    Never played an instrument or just starting.Come along borrow a

                                                              mandolin, uke or guitar and we will have you playing in one hour.

10.30:     Didjeridu and Gumleaf playing     Rec Hut    Jeff Wilmot Instruments supplied

10.30:     Old Time Fiddle     Kitchen     Craig Woodward

10.30:     Autoharp        B.B.Q.         Graeme Fletcher.

11.30:      Australian Fiddle    Rec Hut     Alan Musgrove and Robert Stephens Intermediate to advanced          

               Teaching style and techniques that make the tunes sound uniquely Australia while at the same

               time echoing their musical cousins in Britain and America. Bring recording device if you wish.

11.30:      Banjo Uke     Kitchen     Val Williams with Myfanwy Godfry ad Ray and Norm get that driving

               rhythm in  old time Music.Bring you Banjo Uke(or any uke!)or bring along a tenor banjo or Mandolin.

BLACKBOARD CONCERT: 11.30                                                                Big Hall

  See  Alan Lazarus by the stage from 11.00 for a spot - get in quick!                                        

AFTERNOON CONCERT:                                                                                                              Big Hall

1.15:      John Boothroyd

1.30:      9 Mile Creek

2.00:      The Pie Eaters

2.30:     Flying Engine Stringband

3.00:     Plaque dedication for Ken Mc Master

3.30:      Hard Drive

4.00:      Strzlecki Stringbusters

4.30:      Mama's Mountain Jug Band

5.00:      My T Fine String Band

5.30:      Slim Dime

6.00:     Mysterious Mose

CAJUN DANCE /CONCERT                                                                                                      Big Hall


OLD TIMEY DANCE                                                                          Big Hall

7.30: Yarra Junction Old-Timey Monster Big Band                         

LATE NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA   Yet to be announced                                     Big Hall 





10.00 : GREAT BIG HARMONY SINGING SESSION (Led by Gaelle Horsley)                    Big Hall 


10.00:    Beginner Fiddle      Rec Hut    Maggie Duncan  Getting the most from your fiddle.                               10.00:    Bluegrass Banjo      B.B.Q.    Jim Golding                                                  

 10.00:    Guitar               Kitchen    Ray Chaber Country Blues and old timey guitar players and their                                                                          influence.
11.00:    Arranging Songs     Rec Hut     Kim Wheeler    Arranging songs for old timey  and bluegrass                                                                                                        performance.

11.00:     Clawhammer Banjo    Kitchen       Peter Somerville

11.00       Flax Weaving             Big Hall         Sally Carter will show you you to weave magic.

 AFTERNOON CONCERT:                                                                   Big Hall

11.00:      Devil Goat String Family Band

11.30:       The Gob-Iron String Band

12.00:      Backwater

12.30:       The Greater Glider String Band

1:00:       Appalachian Heaven

1:30:        Green Fieldz

2.00:      Cat and Clint

2:30:      Suzanne Diprose and friends

3.00: BLACKBOARD CONCERT:                                                              Big Hall

See  Alan Lazarus near the stage for a spot from 2.30 -  get in early

                         Followed by the all night party in the kitchen

                              You are welcome to stay Sunday night, but you must

                      have your camp packed ready to go by 11.30 Monday.

  •   Watch this website if bushfires are likely to be a problem and

    we have to change the date or venue at the last minute !!!




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