Gates open for early bird campers from 2.00 pm. Please do not come before this, as we need to get things ready (including marking out roadways through camping areas) before you arrive. Please note- there is a $10 extra charge for Thursday.


Meet your friends, settle in, sessions (Nothing happens!!) 



10.00: Beginners slow "how to" jam  (Maggie Duncan & Norm Adams)                                               BBQ       

10.00: Irish Fiddle ( Nicola Strating)                                                                                               Kitchen

10.00: Bluegrass Banjo (Jim Golding)                                                                                               Rec Hut

10.00: Bluegrass Fiddle (Andrew Clermont)                                                                                     Big Hall

11.00: Metis Fiddle - Canadian French / Native American - (Jesse Hull  -  Canada/ Aust.)              BBQ

11.00: Bluegrass Mandolin (Nick Dear)                                                                                           Big Hall

11.00: Flatpick Guitar    (Kevin Parcell)                                                                                          Kitchen

11.00: Old Time Banjo - music from two plantations (Don Milne - NZ)                                           Rec Hut

12.00:  Beginners Old Time Fiddle  (Liam McKenny - NZ)                                                              Rec Hut

12.00 : Old Time & Early Bluegrass Harmony Singing (Rod & Judy Jones)                                     Kitchen            

12.00: Gum leaf playing - leaves supplied (Jeff Wilmott)                                                              BBQ

BLACKBOARD CONCERT: 12.00                                                                   Big Hall

 See  Alan Lazarus & Gerry Gunn by the stage from 11.30 for a spot - get in quick!                                        

AFTERNOON CONCERT                                                                                                                  Big Hall

1.30: Skip Sail

1.50: Honeyfields

2.15: Chilli Strings

2.40: The Weathered Heads

3.05: Geoff Hollings

3.25: The Squirrelly Bills (NZ)

3.50: Hardrive

4.15: Slim Dime

4.35: Wiata Pakeha

4.55: Cat and Clint

5.20: The Undertones

5.45.: Backwater Bluegrass Band

6.10: Flying Engine String Band

CAJUN DANCE /CONCERT                                                                                    Big Hall

6.40: Gob Iron String Band

7.05: Le Blanc Brothers Cajun Band (with Richard Klein - NZ/USA)

OLD TIMEY DANCE                                                                 Big Hall

7.35: Yarra Junction Old-Timey Monster Big Band                         

 LATE NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA                                                   Big Hall 

10.30: Mysterious Mose

11.00: Momma's Mountain Jug Band

11.30: Mick Coates and His Acquaintances                                                              


10.00 : GREAT BIG HARMONY SINGING SESSION (Led by Gail Horsley)       Big Hall 


10.00: Double Bass (Johnno Hopley (NZ)                                                                BBQ

10.00: Australian Traditional Fiddle   (Alan Musgrove with Rob Stephens)             Rec Hut

10.00: Ukulele (Betty France & Cate Jardine)                                                         Kitchen

 AFTERNOON CONCERT:                                                           Big Hall

11.00: Angie and the Doc

11.20: My-T-Fine String Band

11.45: Nick Dear and The Lyonville Ramblers

12.10: Don Milne (NZ)

12.30: High Times String Band

12.55:The Pie Eaters

1.15: Savannah Rose

1.40: Cuck's Bounty (UK)

2.05: John Boothroyd

2.25: Lauren-Lea Williams & Kenny Joe Blake

2.50: BLACKBOARD CONCERT:                                                                Big Hall

See  Alan Lazarus or Gerry Gunn near the stage for a spot from 2.30 -  get in early

3.00: GUITAR TOSSING: meet on the grass, right side of the hall. Tossers of all ages welcome.

Winner gets to keep what remains of the guitar, and have their name recorded on the perpetual trophy

                         Followed by the all night party in the kitchen

                              You are welcome to stay Sunday night, but you must

                      have your camp packed ready to go by 11.30 Monday.

  •   Watch the website if bushfires are likely to be a problem and

    we have to change the date  or venue at the last minute !!!

    Weather looks good for this year, with little bush-fire risk.

    Uncle John Caldwell, our erratically jovial MC,  resigned after 34 years. He says he is too old and sore to  drive long distances, and he doesn't feel particularly sociable. Gerry Gunn and Alan Lazarus have taken over, and have foolishly agreed to continue. Not as exciting, but better organised!


     The usual suspects happily sessioning  away, apparently unaware that their fire has gone out.


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